Passion and craftmanship is what drives us

Azad Studio is a small Sofia-based artisan studio creating limited or one-off ceramics, textile, paintings and candles

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Japanese icon for balance in life

A big part of our life is surrounded by moulded mass produced objects that lack character and soul.

They lack imperfection and history. History of how they were created and how they transformed to what they are. We felt like we had to break that cycle and bring the ballance back by sharing the beauty of wabi-sabi imperfection with you


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Our products are hand crafted in limited numbers or as a one-off item, which means each dispatch is different. Check what’s in the shop now.

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We’re inspired by the asymetry, roughness, modesty and uniqueness of natural objects and the forces of nature. We go out there and get inspired by the mountains and plains of the balkans.



We bring back the beauty and roughness of nature and put it into each one of our items. It’s an intimate and beautiful dialogue between you, the object and the kilns.



We put a lot of love and effort into each of our products which is why making sure they arrive safe and sound is equally important to us.

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